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Tiger 3: Salman Khan says 'do what is right' as he and Katrina Kaif urge fans to not 'spoil' the fil

The time to watch 'Tiger 3' is almost here and fans are rejoicing all over. The excitement is palpable as fans can barely contain their excitement over the release scheduled to take place tomorrow. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaid caught a whiff of the excitement with both of them taking to social media to send out a message to their fans.

Salman Khan took to 'X' (formerly Twitter) to share a note with his Tiger fans,"We have made Tiger 3 with a lot of passion and we are counting on you to protect our spoilers when you see the film. Spoilers can ruin the movie-watching experience. We trust you to do what is right. We hope Tiger 3 is the perfect Diwali gift from us to you!! Releasing in cinemas tomorrow in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu.”

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