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Katrina Kaif: I was on set with Venkatesh when someone said on the mic, ‘this girl can’t dance!’

Katrina Kaif was barely out of her teens when she moved to India to pursue a career in films. She had no prior connections to Bollywood, and learnt most of the craft on the job. The actress says she faced a lot of criticism on her face, which would often make her cry. But, she admits, the courage she had back then is something she won’t be able to muster up now.

“It was difficult back then. If today someone asked me to do that, I mean no, impossible. That’s why I was fine. I find it fascinating that after having seen so much, after having achieved everything I think in this zone that I set out to do - of course now I have new dreams and I have new goals - but when I came in, I had a certain vision. After having achieved all that, I have so much more fear and I think so much more now than when I came in. I guess it is that expression - you have nothing to lose. Because if I had to do it now, I’d be terrified,” she elaborates on Mid-day’s Sit With Hitlist episode.

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