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‘Servant of Himachal’, reads minister Vikramaditya Singh's Facebook bio amidst political crisis

Himachal Pradesh minister Vikramaditya Singh has stirred speculation within the Congress leadership by removing his official designation from his Facebook bio.

The Congress government in Himachal Pradesh faced instability following a setback in a Rajya Sabha election and has since been engaged in crisis management efforts.

According to sources cited by NDTV, Singh might hold discussions with significant BJP figures in Delhi, such as former Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur and State President Rajiv Bindal.

Vikramaditya Singh, son of former Chief Minister Virbhadra Singh, met with other dissident Congress MLAs before departing for New Delhi on Friday.

Meanwhile, Congress MLA Rajinder Rana said, “It is not Congress' government in Himachal Pradesh, it is only the government of Sukhvinder Sukhu's friends... Everyone is aware of the state's situation. The youth is on the roads after writing exams. They are still waiting for the results. The guarantees given to the people are not being fulfilled and selected MLAs are being treated disrespectfully."

Vikramaditya Singh, who is the son of the party’s state unit president Pratibha Singh, also had plans to meet Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge in Delhi amidst the ongoing crisis within the Himachal Congress.

As a potential effort to appease the discontent within the party's state unit, Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu appointed Rampur MLA Nand Lal as the chairman of the 7th State Finance Commission, granting him the status of a cabinet minister.

The MLA selected for this role is known to have close ties with Vikramaditya Singh and Pratibha Singh. On Friday, she reiterated her dissatisfaction, expressing that party workers had been overlooked by Sukhu since the Congress assumed power in the state over a year ago.

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