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Woman’s suicide shows cops haven’t made dent on mobile loan sharks

The number of cases of Shark loan recovery agents threatening and blackmailing victims is on the rise across the country and the cops seem to have made little progress to curb this menace. The Thane Government Railway Police (GRP) recently arrested two members of a loan recovery gang from Assam, accused of extorting money by morphing victims’ images with explicit content and threatening to make them viral using contact numbers of the victim and on social media.

Due to relentless mental harassment and defamation by the gang, a 34-year-old woman residing in Diva took her own life by jumping in front of a train on July 6. A suicide note was found among her belongings, and the reason was written on her hand. The morphed explicit images, sent by the accused, unveiled the motive for her suicide. The police registered a case on July 8, 2023, following a complaint from the deceased woman’s father.

As per her father’s statement to the police revealed that she had taken loans from a “Toop Loan” application, paying R65,000 to settle the debt. Despite repaying the agents twice, they continued to harass her, threatening to send morphed images to her contact list.

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