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'Watch me steal your fanbase' Zeenat Aman pokes fun at Janhvi Kapoor's attempt to be 'Gen Z-eenat'

Janhvi Kapoor is no stranger to channeling her golden era love through her Instagram time and again. She took to her Instagram to share a video where she is seen sporting a look inspired by the iconic Zeenat Aman. She even informed her fans to call her ‘Gen Z-eenat’. Just like the legendary actress, Janhvi was decked out in a white dress with a fur wrap and a matching string tied around her head - a nod to the timeless fashion of yesteryear icons.

Sharing the video on Instagram, Janhvi wrote, “Call me Gen Z-eenat (mirror ball emoji). Made to be iconic.” She is seen clicking herself in the mirror and saying the line Laila Main Laila in her own style

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