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Vijay Varma on complex relationship with his father: I ran away from home.

Vijay Varma has come a long way in his career. In the last 10 years, the actor has shown his caliber and established himself as one of the most promising stars of Bollywood. Vijay is currently enjoying the successes of his OTT projects, Dahaad and Kaalkoot. While his growth graph is excellent, the journey till here wasn't easy for him.

In an interview with Film Companion, Vijay spoke about his complex relationship with his father. Talking about their equation, the actor shared, "It started with a great deal of love when I was a little boy. Then a great deal of hero worship that I had for him in my younger days. He used to fulfill every demand of mine; I was the youngest so I was spoilt. Until I came to an age where I started to have my own thoughts and he didn’t like it."

Vijay then revealed he ran away from home when he felt his father wasn't supportive of his career choice. "He wanted me to join the business and I wanted to do anything but work with him. So, that’s where the conflict started, and he was also strong about his stand and I was fighting for my stand. It went on for years until I decided ‘I don’t think this man wants what is good for me’, then I ran away from home, and then there were 7-8 years of no talking," the actor added.

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