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Video: Ex-Bigg Boss contestant Bobby Darling beats and abuses male co-passenger in Delhi metro

A video of actress Bobby Darling thrashing and abusing a male passenger on the Delhi metro is doing the rounds on social media. The video has left netizens in shock. In the video doing the rounds, Bobby can be seen hurling abuses at the man while also getting into a physical fight with him. A policeman is seen arriving at the scene later on.

In the video, Bobby is seen dressed in a pink kurta and black trousers along with a red duppatta. During the fight, the other co-passengers stood by looking while some took out their phones to record the incident. However, no one stepped in to intervene. A policeman arrived at the scene soon after and tried to calm the passengers involved in the fight. While the video has gone viral, the cause behind the fight is yet not known.

Bobby Darling, an actor who underwent gender transformation, recently moved an intervening application in the Supreme Court supporting the petition seeking legal recognition of same-sex marriage

Bobby Darling, in her intervening application, has urged the top court to give permission to intervene in the matter and to support the cause of same-sex marriage because such matter relates to the free will of the person which is duly recognised by the various judgments of the top court.

Pakhi Sharma alias Bobby Darling, in intervening application moved through advocate Meera Kaura said that, the applicant is the best person to make the submissions while filing the instant application for intervention in order to assist the court for the cause of different genders and to request for legal sanctity of stable relations in the form of marriage, otherwise the partners in such same sex/ third gender relationships, in spite of living together for number of years, there is no formal legal recognition. Pakhi Sharma alias Bobby Darling also submitted that the same sex marriage may kindly be permitted as the need of the time for bringing financial stability, recognition by the society and for other purposes, namely, alimony, maintenance, etc. so that such couples, after marriage, live with certainty, dignity and with the equality before law and equal protection of law.

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