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US Senate announces stopgap measure to avert impending government shutdown

Leaders in the United States Senate have agreed to a stopgap measure designed to prevent an imminent government shutdown over budget legislation.

The deal, hashed out between Republicans and Democrats, would keep the government open for six additional weeks. It would also earmark approximately $6bn in short-term funding for Ukraine as it fends off a Russian invasion.

But should the deal pass the full Senate, it will likely face significant hurdles in the House of Representatives, where far-right Republicans have promised to shoot it down if it reaches the floor.

Seeming to anticipate criticism from the hardline flank of his party, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell defended the short-term solution in a speech on Tuesday.

“Delaying action on short-term government funding doesn’t advance the ball on any policy priorities,” the Republican senator said.

“Shutting the government down over a domestic government dispute doesn’t strengthen anyone’s political position. It just puts important progress on ice and it leaves millions of Americans on edge.”

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