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US Man Who Attacked Judge Appears Before Her Again In Rigid Mask, Mittens

A man who threw himself at a US judge as she was about to send him to prison wore a Hannibal Lecter-style mask when he appeared before her again to be sentenced Monday.

Deobra Redden was shackled, with his hands covered in restrictive mitts, and wore both a rigid mask to prevent him biting and a hood to prevent him spitting when he was produced in a Las Vegas Court.

He was also surrounded by law enforcement officers when he was brought in front of Judge Mary Kay Holthus, as officials sought to prevent a repeat of his brazen assault last week.

Viral video footage showed the felon hurling himself over the bench at Holthus, setting off a fist-flying fight that left the judge and a marshal injured.

The attack came after Holthus indicated she was not inclined to grant Redden probation, and had in mind a custodial sentence for the original charge of attempted battery.

On Monday as the shackled Redden stood before her again, Holthus said last week's attack would not affect the sentence.

"I am now making my calendar page from that day an exhibit for the court," the judge said.

"That has existed from the moment I walked in, prior to anything happening -- nothing's been changed -- indicating the sentence I intended to impose."

She then ordered Redden to serve between 19 and 48 months in prison.

But Redden faces additional charges related to his assault, which include coercion, extortion, intimidating a public officer with threat of force, disregarding the safety of a person resulting in significant bodily harm, and seven counts of battery on a protected person.

He had been due to appear in court on Thursday in relation to these charges, but refused to leave his cell.

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