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Tuesday Trivia: The interesting story behind Pankaj Tripathi's two birth dates

Pankaj Tripathi turns a year older today. However, did you know that the actor has two birth dates and September 5 is not his real birth date? The actor was actually born on September 28, 1976. However, on legal documents his birth date is mentioned as September 5.

In an earlier interview with content creator Samdish Bhatia, Pankaj revealed the story behind his two birth dates. When the anchor asked him when his birthday is, the 'Fukrey' star shared, "I have two birthday dates, one is September 5 and other is September 28 I was born on 28 September 1976. So September 28 is my real birthday. However, my brother had gone while enrolling in school as a child. The teacher there asked my brother about my date of birth. He didn’t remember anything then."

"My brother told the teacher at school that he remembers the month which is September but not the date. So the teacher suggested that since he does not remember the date, keep it as September 5 as it is a good day. It is Teacher's Day and also Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan's birthday. So they put it down as September 5," he added.

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