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Teenage son discovers mum's drug addiction in Dubai

Dubai: A Dubai mum, who was a drug addict, has been rescued, thanks to timely help from her family and Dubai Police.

Col. Abdullah Al Khayat, director of Hemaya International Centre at Dubai Police, who shared the details of the case with Gulf News exclusively, said there’s help for drug addicts to kick the destructive habit, and the family’s close cooperation is key.

He said: “Addiction is a worrying problem and all community members need to cooperate in the battle against drugs. Some families don’t seek help from the authorities to deal with addiction problems as they are afraid it will damage their reputation in society.” “They should avail benefit from Article 89 of the Anti-Narcotics Law which exempts drug addicts from legal punishment if they or their families voluntarily seek help from the police.” Son unearths mum’s problem Col. Al Khayat revealed how Dubai Police recently rescued a woman from drug addiction after her 14-year-old son discovered that she used drugs.

The incident came to light when he saw some suspicious materials in his mother’s bathroom. He duly informed his father.

The father said that his son also overheard the mother talking to a group that was to arrange the delivery of her drugs. He had also taken pictures of the materials in the bathroom.

The distressed father decided to help his wife instead of taking her to task.

He contacted the Hemaya International Centre in the General Directorate of Narcotics Control in Dubai Police under the provisions of Article 89 of the UAE Law on Narcotics and Psychotropic Substances.

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