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Southern Charm: You Won't Believe Why Taylor Ann Green Slept With Ex Shep Rose

Taylor Ann Green has a case of puppy love.

The Southern Charm star shocked her cast members on the Bravo series' Nov. 9 episode when she was caught in bed with her ex Shep Rose after spending the night in his room during a cabin getaway.

After finding her friends sleeping together, Olivia Flowers immediately reported the gossip to Craig Conover and Austen Krolll, telling them, "Taylor's in Shep's room!"

Austen responded with a laugh, "Shep and Taylor banged!"

Back in Shep's room, Taylor told her former boyfriend his coughing disrupted her sleep as she cuddled his dog Little Craig and noted, "Craig's snore doesn't bother me."

And while it wasn't clear if the two actually hooked up the night before, Taylor used his pooch as an excuse. When Shep asked his ex, "So you came in here just for Craig?" to which she confirmed, "Yeah, I did."

However, Shep then hinted their night together was more than just a puppy party. "Well, did you get what you needed?" he asked the 29-year-old. "Miss kissing bandit last night."

But when Rodrigo Reyes walked by and noticed them under the covers, Shep played coy, telling him, "We slept in the same bed with the dog that we love."

Meanwhile, Olivia, Austen and Craig were still in shock by the sleepover, as Olivia wondered, "Who hooks up with their exes?"

Craig noted the incident is just another mistake amid Taylor's recent unusual season nine behavior. "Taylor's done some s---ty stuff recently but she's not a s---ty person," he said. "And back-sliding to Shep isn't the path for her happiness."

Sleeping with Shep was particularly surprising given Taylor recently revealed she kissed Olivia's ex Austen, ending their friendship.

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