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"Should Refrain From Benefiting Certain Communities For Political Gain": Amit Shah

New Delhi:

Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that questions have been raised regarding the prioritization of specific communities after the Nitish Kumar-led government in Bihar conducted a caste survey and further urged the Bihar government to address the issues raised in this survey.

"As far as the caste survey is concerned, it was decided when the BJP was a part of the Bihar government. When the resolution came, we were in support of this and we also supported the report that was given after the survey was conducted. The law was also passed in Bihar Vidhan Sabha but there were several questions raised regarding the survey, which included giving priority to Muslims and some other communities. Several other backward caste delegations met the leaders of the BJP, RJD and JDU. I urge the Bihar government to find a solution for all the questions raised in this survey," Mr Shah told ANI on Sunday.

Mr Shah also emphasized that political parties should avoid favoring specific communities for their own political gain.

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