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Shannen Doherty Shares She Completed This “Bucket List” Activity With Her Cancer Doctor

Shannen Doherty just had the trip of a lifetime.

The Beverly Hills, 90210 star shared that she recently embarked on a trip to Italy with her oncologist Dr. Lawrence Piro amid her battle with cancer, which has spread to her brain and bones.

"You invited me on this amazing yacht and with your family," Doherty told him on the Jan. 1 episode of her Let's Be Clear podcast. "And I got to go to Italy with you, which was like bucket list."

The Charmed alum, 52, said her doctor knew it was on her list of dream trips.

"When you called me, you said, ‘It's kind of bucket list, Shan,' And I was like, 'It is!'" Doherty recalled. "I was so excited."

All in all, the actress shared she had "such a good time" on the vacation, which included swimming in the ocean and dining in local restaurants.

And according to Dr. Piro, Doherty was "just incredible, like jumping off of every level of the yacht, even the highest. Shannen is fearless."

However, Doherty confessed that she did injure herself one night during a "crazy" jellyfish encounter as she tried to avoid being stung. 

"You jump off like the highest points of this ginormous yacht and you go to climb back on," she recalled, "and I got scared of the jellyfish, so I went the long way and the dangerous way, and that's when I gave myself that that big bump on my leg."

Her oncologist said the crew had shined a bright light into the sea during the night swim, which had illuminated all the jellyfish they didn't know were there during the day.

"I didn't see them when I did the jump," Doherty explained. "It's like jumping in shark-infested waters—like, I never would have done it had I known."

Still, she was beyond grateful for the "amazing trip."

Keep reading to see more photos of Doherty through the years. 

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