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Serbia to hold snap elections as president calls for country to be ‘united’

Serbia will hold a snap election next month after President Aleksandar Vucic dissolved parliament in the face of political pressure at home and from the European Union.

The parliamentary vote and parallel local elections will be held on December 17, less than two years after the victory of the Serbian Progressive Party at the polls.

“We live in times that are difficult for the whole world, in times of global challenges, wars and conflicts when it is necessary that we are all united in preserving vital national and state interests of the Republic of Serbia,” Vucic said during an announcement on live television on Wednesday.

Vucic, who is in his second term as president, faces growing criticism from the political opposition and the greater public over back-to-back shootings in May that killed 18 people.

The president and his party, which has led Serbia since 2012, have been accused by protesters of promoting a culture of violence while cracking down on media and electoral freedom.

At the time of the protests, several pro-EU parties said the government had ignored protesters’ demands and called for new elections.

“Serbia is in a deep political and social crisis,” they said. “The demands of those who have been protesting for months were ignored. We need responsible people in politics who will solve problems instead of ignoring them.”

Vucic denies the accusations but will have to convince voters that he is serious about change.

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