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RHONY Alum Sonja Morgan Reveals She Had Sex With Owen Wilson Several Times

During a panel at BravoCon 2023 in which Housewives guessed which fun fact belonged to each Bravolebrity, the Real Housewives of New York City alum let slip a little TMI about her romantic history with none other than Academy Award nominee Owen Wilson.

When Andy Cohen read, "She once had a very flirtatious moment with Owen Wilson," the women on stage quickly come to the consensus that the fact could only belong to Sonja.

"But it wasn't flirtatious," the Welcome to Crappie Lake star clarified, adding, "He is the butterscotch stallion and he loves doggy style."

"I f--ked him several times," the 59-year-old added. "I love him."

And rule no. 1 about this situationship: It's OK to talk about it. Or at least, it is for Sonja. Take, for instance, when her RHONY costar Tinsley Mortimer said the Wedding Crashers star, 54, was her celebrity crush.

"I thought she said she dated him," Sonja told Entertainment Tonightbackin 2017. "I go, 'Oh! I dated him, too!' Well, I met him in New York through some art friends, and then I also saw him while I was out here [in Los Angeles]. Long time ago, a while ago."

And Owen isn't the only celebrity to have dated the TV personality. Other stars Sonja can call her ex? Eric Clapton, Billy Idol, John McEnroe and Jack Nicholson.

Still, she insists she's not attracted to fame. "I'm not interested in celebs," she told ET. "I like smart people. Very smart people. Interesting dialogue, yeah. I like to talk a lot."

For a complete rundown of Bravolebrities who have dated or hooked up with stars, keep reading.

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