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Rebecca Loos Claims She Caught David Beckham in Bed With a Model Amid Their Alleged Affair

Rebecca Loos said she wasn't the only woman David Beckham scored with.

The soccer star's former personal assistant—who alleged they had an affair in the mid-2000s—claimed in a new interview that she once caught him in bed with a Spanish model.

Rebecca told The Daily Mail that while she and David were at a birthday party for Brazilian player Ronaldo Nazário on Sept. 22, 2003, she saw him "hiding at the bottom of the garden" and talking to the model. Soon after, she said she received a phone call from Victoria Beckham, his wife of four years at that point.

"She's upset because she's calling David and he's not answering," Rebecca told the outlet in an interview published Oct. 22. "I said I didn't know where he was."

She recalled Victoria asking her to "go find" David. "It's a bit awkward," Rebecca continued. "I went into the house and up the stairs and I saw David's two bodyguards outside a door."

When she told the bodyguards she was on the phone with the Spice Girls member, one went into the room and came back with David.

"I can see the model in the background lying on the bed," Rebecca alleged. "I can see it's a bedroom. I was fuming and I just looked at him, gave him the phone and said 'Your wife.'"

As David and Victoria spoke, Rebecca recalled feeling "so hurt."

"It was just this awful feeling and I thought to myself, 'You stupid fool,'" the now 46-year-old added. "But he had me, he had his claws into me, and I was at his beck and call."

While David has denied having an affair with Rebecca, he touched on the turmoil of the tabloid reports in his new Netflix documentary Beckham.

"There was some horrible stories that were difficult to deal with," he shared. "It was the first time that me and Victoria had been put under that kind of pressure in our marriage."

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