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Pregnant Jana Kramer Hospitalized During Babymoon With Bacterial Infection in Her Kidneys

Pregnant Jana Kramer is turning her misery into an important message.

During her and fiancé Allan Russell's babymoon, the One Tree Hill alum was hospitalized with a bacterial infection in her kidneys.

"First off and most important, baby is good," she captioned a series of photos from the hospital. "The back pain I've been dealing with for weeks wasn't just back pain. Lesson number one…don't just brush off pain, because it can be more serious than u think." She knows that's easier said than done while chasing after her kids Jolie, 7, and Jace, 4 (with ex-husband Mike Caussin). "So many times (moms especially) just brush off pain because we are the last ones to take care of ourselves," the 39-year-old continued. "When I posted about my back hurting a week ago I just had chalked it up to pregnancy and didn't tell the doctors because back pain is ‘normal' so ‘don't be a wimp' is what I thought."

But thankfully her followers stepped in. "Someone very sweet in my dms sent me a message that it could possibly be my kidney. (I've since thanked her for her dm)," the Nashville resident shared. "But not wanting to ruin our babymoon or be sometimes how I can be (slight hypochondriac…and que my closests friends to laugh at slight) we boarded the plane to Florida."

But once they landed, she admitted she couldn't handle the pain any longer. As she began to feel sicker and sicker, she and Allan headed to the hospital, where she was diagnosed with a bacterial infection that had spread to her kidneys. Ultimately, she spent two days in the hospital and is now on antibiotics.

"So. Lesson. Listen to ur body," Jana wrote. "Ur not a baby or inconveniencing people. If u hurt, talk to ur doctor. Leaving things for too long or not taking care of yourself when ur not feeling good can become very serious."

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