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Poland votes in key election amid rising nationalism, Ukraine war

Poland is voting in a key election that would significantly impact the country’s local and foreign policies.

People headed to the ballots on Sunday, with voting expected to end at 9pm local time (19:00 GMT). Nearly 30 million people are eligible to vote and turnout is expected to be among the highest in years.

The ruling United Right (ZP) coalition led by the nationalist conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party hopes will earn it an unprecedented third term in office, while the opposition warns it could put the country on a path towards leaving the European Union.

Political analysts say Poland could face a period of instability if PiS fails to secure a majority.

PiS has cast the election as a choice between security from unfettered migration, which it says its opponents support, and a creeping westernisation it sees as contrary to Poland’s Catholic character.

“This election will show whether Poland will be governed by Poles, or by Berlin or Brussels,” PiS leader Jaroslaw Kaczynski told supporters at the party’s last campaign rally on Friday.

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