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Pakistan makes it to BJP campaign: Bidhuri rally in Rajasthan to Narottam pitch in MP

With barely a week left for the Rajasthan Assembly polls, the politics over identity seems to be on the boil with Lahore and Karachi being also raked up in the campaigning in the state.

Last Wednesday, posting on social media a video clip from his electioneering, the BJP’s Tonk district in-charge Ramesh Bidhuri, South Delhi MP, stated that Lahore was watching the Tonk poll closely.

The BJP has fielded ex-MLA Ajit Singh Mehta in the Tonk constituency against the ruling Congress’s heavyweight candidate Sachin Pilot. In the 2018 election, the BJP had nominated Yunus Khan from the seat, who lost to Pilot.

Addressing a rally for Mehta last Tuesday, Bidhuri said, “Bhai Ajit ji keh rahe the is chunav ke upar poore desh ki nazar hai. Ajit bhai, poore desh ki nazar nahi hai, is Rajasthan ke chunav ke upar, aur upar se Tonk ke chunav ke upar Lahore ki bhi nazar hai. Ye PFI ke logon ko sharan kaun deta hai. PFI le log pakde jaate hain, unko roti kaun khilata hai? Tonk mein baithne waaley log khilate hain. Toh yahan toh Lahore ki bhi nazar hai bhaiyon. Humko dekhna padega ki us din 25 tareek ke chunav ke baad desh mein laddu batne chahiye ya Lahore mein laddu batne chahiye. (Brother Ajit was saying that entire nation is watching this election closely. Ajit bhai, not just the entire country, but Lahore too is keeping a watch on Rajasthan elections, and especially the Tonk poll. Who gives shelter to these PFI people? PFI people are caught, who feeds them? The people who sit in Tonk. So Lahore’s eyes are focussed here. So we will have to see whether laddus are distributed in the country or in Lahore after the polling on November 25).”

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