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Odisha govt plan to boost policing through social media use

The state government has decided to set up a robust communication and information cell in Odisha Police to improve policing through extensive use of social media.

The proposed Odisha Police Strategic Communication and Information (OPSC&I) cell will be manned by highly tech-savvy non-police personnel.

The broader objective of the cell is to help the police in achieving various objectives like crime prevention, investigation, crime reporting, community engagement, soliciting tips, grievance redressal and other related issues through various media and social media channels.

The cell will be responsible for advancing the practice of community policing by raising awareness about emerging crimes, including cyber fraud, crime against women, road safety, wildlife crime, economic offences and substance abuse.

“The cell will broadcast citizen-centric, relevant and emergency information like clarification on rumours, road diversions, road closures, accidents, disasters, safety of women, senior citizens and children, new rules and regulations through the social media handles of the police,” a senior police officer said. At present, some establishments of Odisha Police and offices of SPs have assigned their own officers to share information through social media handles.

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