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Nana Patekar whacks fan who tried to take selfie with him, video goes viral

A video of veteran actor whacking a fan who came for a selfie is going viral on social media. In the video, a young man can be seen approaching Patekar for a selfie and immediately places his camera in front of the actor. Annoyed by this, the actor immediately whacks the man. Another person standing beside Patekar holds him and takes the fan to the side.

In the video, Patekar is seen dressed in a brown coat and hat and is seemingly shooting on a busy street. The fan seems to have interrupted the shoot and attempted a selfie without seeking permission. The incident reportedly took place in Varanasi. Netizens were divided over this act by Patekar. While some justified his behaviour as the fan invaded his privacy, while others found it outrageous and rude.

A user wrote, "Who gave him the right!"

"Fans ke sath hi misbehave karte Hain ye log," wrote another while another netizen wrote, "No matter how hard he try to showcase his humble and innocent personality but there's a devil inside him"

"That sound of wack was so real n loud ....pitty the fan," wrote another supporting the fan.

Another user felt Patekar was right and wrote, "Serves him right , he should have taken permission before pulling out his cell phone".

On the work front, Nana Patekar, was last seen playing the role of Former ICMR Director General Dr Balram Bhargava in the film ‘The Vaccine War’ directed by Vivek Agnihotri. The actor had earlier spoken about his role and shared his working experience with the director Vivek Agnihotri.

He told ANI, “I am playing the role of Dr Balram Bhargava and this entire movie is about the Covaxin vaccine that we made. It is all about what we went through while making this vaccine. During COVID-19, we all were scared and sab kuch andhere mein teer marne jaisa tha.” While talking about casting Nana Patekar in the lead role, director Vivek Agnihotri told ANI, “We wanted to cast someone who has always put his heart and soul into the making of films. Suddenly, Nana Patekar struck my mind. He is one actor in our industry who has never played a bad role in his career. He is the one actor who has always been dedicated to his craft. I approached him for the film with great fear considering his stature but he agreed.”

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