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Mumbai: Woman tries to fire cook, gets shock of her life

The Amboli police have registered an FIR against a 25-year-old cook after he attempted to murder his employer at her residence. The woman, a school teacher by profession, had recently complained that the food was not up to the mark.

According to the police, the man worked at the 45-year-old woman’s house for around two years, visiting her home daily to cook meals. The incident took place on the afternoon of September 17 at the Royal Classic building in Andheri West.

On Sunday afternoon, the cook and his employer allegedly had an argument over the food he had cooked, after which she asked him to leave. In a fit of rage, the cook began to beat up the woman. He allegedly even banged her head against the wall and gave her shocks using some exposed live wires in the house before trying to strangulate her.

Following the assault, the woman had to be rushed to Trauma Care hospital where she received treatment and is now in a stable condition. However, she is still traumatised by the incident. “She claimed that the cook had allegedly tried to strangulate her. We registered an FIR against the accused under Section 308 (attempt to culpable homicide),” said an officer. He added that the accused, who fled the scene after the assault, has been identified and the police are conducting further investigations.

When the police asked the woman about the accused, she could not even provide basic details about his whereabouts. “He worked in her house for around two years but she couldn't provide his basic information or the exact place where he resides or any alternative phone numbers where he could be contacted,” said an officer. “The case is at a very initial stage to establish the motive behind the crime. We are positive about apprehending him soon,” he added.

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