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Mumbai: Wall-crawling ‘Spiderman thief’ weaves his last web of crime!

The MIDC police have arrested the infamous “Spiderman thief,” known for his astonishing ability to scale multi-story buildings and swiftly loot houses. Vaibhav Thorve, the accused, was arrested by the police, and they managed to recover stolen goods valued at Rs 7.68 lakh.

The incident unfolded on September 11 when a Mahakali area resident reported the theft of his laptop. CCTV footage helped in identifying the culprit, who resided in Subhash Nagar. Armed with this information, the police established a trap in the vicinity, leading to Thorve's arrest and recovery of stolen items worth Rs 7.68 lakh.

According to police, Thorve is a habitual offender with a slim build that facilitates his adept climbing of multi-story buildings using drainpipes and gas pipelines. His modus operandi typically involves entering through bathroom windows by removing the glass and exiting through the main door after stealing valuables.

In addition to the laptop theft in the MIDC area, Thorve had also stolen mobile phones and cameras from a residence in the Meghwadi area. His intention was to sell the stolen cameras in Bandra.

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