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Mumbai: Two delivery boys held for stealing phones from e-commerce company's godown in Malad

The Malad Police in Mumbai have apprehended two delivery boys accused of stealing mobile phones from an e-commerce company's godown, the police said on Saturday.

According to the police sources, the duo worked as delivery boys for an e-commerce company, stationed at the company's godown located at Ashish Udyog Bhawan, Ramchandra Lane in Malad West area of Mumbai. The theft came to light when the manager, upon discovering that eight mobile phones returned by customers were missing, questioned the delivery boys. However, they remained silent. Subsequently, the manager filed a complaint with the Malad police station on October 27.

Under the guidance of ACP Renuka Bagde, senior inspector Ravindra Adhane, and police sub inspector Shivaji Shinde, along with their detection team, initiated an investigation using the CDR of the missing mobile phones. The team successfully traced four mobile phones through their IMEI numbers and apprehended the duo from Malvani and Sion Koliwada a couple of weeks ago, an official said.

The arrested individuals are identified as Ramzan Saleem Shaikh, 23, and Sameer Shafiq Malik, 26, an official said.

During the interrogation, it was revealed that the accused were supposed to return undelivered mobile phones to the company after scanning their barcodes, the police sources said.

However, instead of surrendering the phones, they allegedly stole and sold them in the market for personal profit. The police recovered four mobile phones, some of which were sold by the accused, while two were being used by their family members.

Considering their modus operandi, it appears that the duo may have committed similar crimes in the past and could have involved others. The police are actively investigating this angle.

The arrested individuals have been remanded to judicial custody, the official said.

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