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Mumbai: NCP Chief’s INDIA Convenor Ambition Takes A Beating

Mumbai: NCP chief Sharad Pawar’s ambitions to become the architect of the opposition unity in form of the convenor of the INDIA alliance has taken a serious beating with the Adani issue brought to the centre stage of national politics by the Congress on Thursday.

Pawar had been trying to project himself as the uniting force for the diverse opposition across India. He also shares a very good personal rapport with several leaders from Tamil Nadu to Kashmir and Gujarat to Meghalaya. As most parties in the INDIA alliance had been political opponents of the Congress at some point in the past, Pawar stood a good chance to come forth as the most acceptable leader of the alliance.

However, his stakes for the post have taken a serious beating after Rahul Gandhi raised the issue of Adani at the press conference on Thursday.

He had also tried to ridicule the Hindenburg report while raising questions on its authenticity and said, “When they raise issues that cause a ruckus across the country, the cost is borne by the country’s economy; we cannot disregard these things. It seems this was targeted.”

The Congress’ reaction to Pawar’s pro-Adani stand was very mild back then, though the party stood firm on its stand on the necessity of the JPC probe.

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