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Mumbai: Mother throws 39-day-old daughter from 14th-floor of Mulund building, booked

A tragic incident unfolded in the Mulund area of Mumbai on Thursday when a mother threw her 39-day-old daughter from the 14th-floor bedroom window, resulting in the infant's immediate demise. The mother is currently undergoing treatment for depression, and the Mulund police have registered a murder case in connection with the incident, the police said.

According to the police, the deceased child has been identified as Hashvi Sanket Mehta, who was staying with her mother, Manali, at her grandfather's (Nana) house in room number 1401 on the 14th floor of the Neelkanth Tirth Building in Mulund West. Police have sent the infant's body for postmortem, and an investigation is underway.

According to police officials, the incident occurred on Thursday morning when Manali threw her 39-day-old daughter, Hashvi, from the bedroom window. The baby landed on the roof of a nearby photo studio in the Yogesh Building.

Manali and her husband, Sanket, hail from Surat City in Gujarat. Manali had given birth to a baby girl in Surat just 39 days ago and had come to her mother's place at Neelkanth Tirth society in Mulund West.

A police officer said, "Two months ago, Manali's father passed away in Mumbai, and this loss has left her in a state of depression for the past two months. She frequently told her daughter Hashvi in front of family members that her Nana (mother's father) was calling her and loved her very much. This behavior continued even on Wednesday night. At home, Manali's brother, brother's wife, and mother were present, and they were all asleep during the night."

"At around 4 am, Manali opened the window of the bedroom and threw her daughter Hashvi out of the window. Hashvi fell onto the roof of the photo studio located on the opposite side of the building. Around 8 am, a resident on the first floor discovered the lifeless body of the girl and immediately called the emergency number 100 to inform the police about the incident. The police arrived at the scene, sent the body for postmortem, and confirmed that the girl was Manali's daughter, residing in a flat at Neelkanth Tirth society, opposite the location of the incident," the police officer said.

The police officer further stated, "We found Manali at home, and she was in a highly distressed state. We have not arrested the accused mother yet due to her unstable mental condition, and she is currently under close supervision and receiving medical treatment."

Meanwhile, in an another incident, the Malabar Hill Police have apprehended a trio for allegedly throwing a newborn baby into the sea.

"The incident came to light when the dead body of a newborn male child was found in the Banganga area on September 16," said a police officer.

According to the police, a 22-year-old boy had developed a relationship with a 20-year-old woman, and they frequently met each other. However, their relationship was not approved by the woman's mother.

The woman's mother, who is approximately in her 50s, threw the baby boy as soon as she came to know that he was born.

"The couple knew that she had committed such an act. The trio has been booked under Section 315 (Act done with intent to prevent a child from being born alive or to cause it to die after birth) of the IPC and is currently in judicial custody."

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