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Mumbai: 'Lady don' booked after being accused of alleged extortion, threats by construction site sup

Karima Mujeeb Shah, also known as "Aapa" and infamous as the lady don, has once again found herself in legal trouble. This time, a supervisor at a construction site has filed a complaint against her, alleging that she attempted to extort Rs. 5,000 from him and repeatedly threatened him for payment. A case has been registered at the Pant Nagar policestation, and her associate, known as MGR, has also been identified, a police official said.

According to the police official, Karima is notorious for her illegal activities in the Ghatkopar East area. Along with her associates, she has been involved in constructing illegal slums in the Ramabai and Kamran Nagar areas and selling them. She is also known for water theft and involvement in the drug trade. In 2014, she was booked for a murder related to a slum dispute. Karima is feared in the neighborhood and has gained notoriety as "Lady Don."

The recent case was filed by a supervisor from Aryamaan Developer, a company constructing a building under the SRA scheme. According to the 47-year-old complainant, on the afternoon of July 21st, at around 3 pm, while he was walking on the streets, Karima and her associate, MGR, intercepted him. Karima allegedly brandished a knife, held it to his neck, and demanded Rs. 5,000 from him, the official said.

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