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Mumbai: Killer Butt spotted in Santacruz again

A few days ago, Azam Aslam Butt, a resident of Santacruz and convicted murderer, was spotted in the area. Butt is an absconded convict who has jumped parole four times and has not returned to jail since last year. The Nagpur Jail authority has informed the Oshiwara, Santacruz and Zone 9 police to arrest him.

mid-day has put out a series of stories about how Butt managed to secure parole and then abscond. Currently, the Nagpur Jail authority is searching for Butt. A few days back, locals spotted Butt near the Milan Subway, and some of them clicked pictures of him.

Butt is convicted of killing Santacruz-based property owner Kashinath Gharat in 2005. After his arrest, Butt jumped parole and committed various crimes. He has 13 FIRs registered against him for offences including murder, extortion, assault, and cheating at various police stations.

Vishwanath Gharat

Due to threats from Butt, the court ordered protection for the Gharat family. The Santacruz police officers used to visit the Gharat house twice a day for security reasons, but they stopped visiting after February 7.

Vishwanath Gharat said, “The police suddenly stopped providing us security without informing us. My mother passed away on February 5, and her last wish was to see Butt in jail. Butt has been spotted in the area multiple times, and I have informed the police to arrest him. After my brother’s death in 2005, Butt threatened me in court, stating that he would kill me like he killed my brother and dispose of my body. The court then provided me with security, but the police have stopped visiting since my mother’s death.”

“I wrote letters to the additional CP of the West Region, DCP Rajtilak Roshan, and both the Oshiwara and Santacruz police stations to arrest Butt. Butt was released on parole on April 7, 2023, for 28 days, with a deadline to return to Nagpur Jail by May 6, 2023,” Gharat said.

Butt manipulated the judicial process by filing a petition in the high court, claiming he was currently in Nagpur jail and requesting a three-month extension of his parole. The court discovered he had already absconded from parole and rejected his petition.

Butt has a criminal record with various police stations, including Kalmana police station in Nagpur, Oshiwara, Santacruz, Kherwadi, Shivaji Nagar, Nalasopara, Juhu, Porvorim in Goa, and JMFC in Nagpur.

mid-day has reported on Butt’s activities, including partying and picnicking with Nagpur jail constables, securing parole and not returning to jail, as well as posing with ‘26/11 heroes’ at Juhu police station. 

He allegedly forged witness documents, which were verified by a Nalasopara cop, leading to a case being registered against Butt, two Nalasopara cops, and an unknown person by Oshiwara police. However, no action was taken against the cops by Nalasopara police.

According to the new parole guidelines issued by the Maharashtra government, an accused sentenced to three months in jail can avail of seven days parole, 3-12 month terms allow 15 days parole, 1-5 years allow two months, and more than 5 years/life imprisonment allow 90 days of parole.

13No of FIRs registered against Butt

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