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Mumbai crime news: Borivali Police arrest thief accused in multiple Jain temple gold theft cases

Borivali Police has arrested one person for the theft of gold ornaments from a deity's idol in a Jain temple located within a household.

Subsequent investigations have revealed that the accused faced multiple First Information Reports (FIRs) across various police stations for similar charges.

The incident happened on December 2 at around 9:15 in the morning when Jain visited Gaurav Kiritbhai Shah (43) at his residence in Borivali West. Unfamiliar with Jain, Gaurav questioned the purpose of his visit. Naresh clarified his intent, expressing a desire to offer prayers to the deity in the household temple.

During his brief ten-minute presence, Naresh allegedly stole a golden necklace from the deity. The theft came to Gaurav's attention after Naresh's departure, leading to the filing of an FIR on December 8.

Following the reported theft, Crime Detection Officer Indrajit Patil and his team examined the crime scene and scrutinized CCTV footage in the vicinity.

Utilizing information from confidential informants, Naresh Jain was identified as the suspect. Patil said that Naresh had a history of involvement in thefts targeting jewelry from Jain temples. Subsequent inquiries led the investigators to Chira Bazar, Naresh's former residence, and eventually to his current location in Khetwadi Girgaon, Mumbai.

After a thorough technical investigation, Naresh Jain was detained at his current residence. He was subsequently brought to the police station as evidence of his involvement in the crime surfaced.

Eight FIRs have been registered against Naresh at police stations including Kalachowki, L.T. Marg, Sion, Agripada, Azad Maidan, Malabar Hill, Ghatkopar, and D.N. Nagar, all for similar charges related to thefts from Jain temples.

Meanwhile, three persons were arrested for alleged involvement in a house breaking theft in Kashimira area of Thane district, a police official said on Thursday.

The HBT took place on December 8 and items worth Rs 8.06 lakh were stolen, Deputy Commissioner of Police Jayant Bajbale said.

"After checking CCTV footage and working on technical inputs, we arrested Shamim Harun Shah, his mother Saidunnisa and Salim Harun Shah. All the stolen items have been recovered. Shamim has three cases against his name," he added.

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