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Mumbai Crime: Businessman swindled of Rs 1 crore in CSR scam

A Fraud gang has swindled a Mumbai businessman and his partner out of R1 crore. The fraudsters extracted Rs 1 crore from the owner of a 60-year-old electric motor parts manufacturing company and his friend. The victim met the fraudulent gang through a mutual acquaintance during a meeting at a hotel in Andheri.

Upon receiving a complaint from the company owner, the police initiated an investigation and filed a case against eight accused individuals: Rakesh Pandey, Harshad Kanadiya, Chirag Patel, Pradeep Khandelwal, Vishalsingh Ratan Singh, Prince Kaushik alias Bharadwaj, and Yadav (full name unknown). However, no arrests have been made yet.

The complainant stated that Rakesh Pandey, Vishal Singh, and others, posing as officers from Pune-based “Isan Pharmaceutical company,” met him and his friend and persuaded them to donate Rs 1.5 crore from their company’s CSR fund to their trust.

They asked for an initial deposit of Rs 1 crore in cash to a Malad-based Angadiya, presenting a Rs 1.5 crore cheque in the trust’s name as evidence. After the cash was deposited, the accused ceased communication and failed to respond to calls and emails. Subsequently, the victim reported the incident to the police, leading to the registration of a case. The investigation is currently ongoing.

Advocate Mahesh Vinod Rajpopat, representing the accused employees working in the Angadiya firm, argued that the roles of the accused are not justified in the FIR. They were merely involved in the transfer of funds between locations and were not the ultimate beneficiaries in any way.

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