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Mumbai: Cops rescue 112 missing teens in quest to ID body found at seaface

The Maharashtra police have discovered information on 112 missing girls in the hope of identifying a girl whose body washed ashore near Worli Seaface seven months ago. “To identify the body, at least five DNA tests were conducted by the police, with one report still pending,” stated a police officer. The case came to light on July 5 last year when Mumbai police received a call about the unidentified body near Worli Seaface. An FIR was registered against an unknown person.

In July last year, a woman’s body washed ashore near Worli Sea Face. Post-mortem analysis revealed she was aged between 15-17. No missing complaint has been filed for her, suggesting someone close might have killed her,” the officer added. Worli police reported finding 112 other missing girls aged between 15-17 in the following 7 months. “We scrutinised missing complaints from Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, Vasai, Virar, Pune, and Ratnagiri hoping to find a clue,” said a Worli police officer.

“We focused on missing complaints of girls aged 15-17 after doctors’ identification of the body’s age range. We acted on any small clues found and coordinated with local police stations,” said a Worli police officer. Technical investigation and human intelligence inputs helped find the girls. “CDR records played a crucial role. Even when phones were off, turning them on for a few minutes allowed us to track them,” said an officer. “One girl, aged 17, briefly used social media, leading us to Gurgaon where we reunited her with her parents,” added the officer.

Three missing girls’ DNA matched their mothers’, while one report is awaited. “We are hopeful the remaining report matches the unidentified body,” said a police officer. The investigation to identify the body continues. “Posters were pasted in railway stations, ST stands, and public areas. A reward of R25,000 was announced, but unfortunately, we’ve not found a clue,” added the officer. The body was found in a jute bag with stones, and inquiries with jute bag dealers yielded no success. “We suspect someone known to the girl killed her and dumped her body into the sea,” said the officer.

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