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Mumbai: Borivali Police bust mobile phone theft gang; three arrested, four at large

After a series of mobile phone thefts in the bustling Diwali shopping crowd on SV Road, Borivali, the Borivali Police has successfully apprehended three individuals part of a mobile phone theft gang. The gang targeted crowded places such as markets and bus stops in Borivali.

Responding to multiple incidents, Police Sub-Inspector Rajesh Kadam and his team, guided by senior officer Ninad Sawant, initiated an investigation. Acting on secret information, they discovered that three suspects from the mobile theft gang were in the vicinity of Borivali lockup. A trap was set, resulting in the arrest of the three individuals. Eight mobile phones were recovered. Further investigation led to the discovery of a total of 27 mobile phones, valued at approximately Rs 2 lakh, an officer of Borivali police said.

While the arrested individuals, identified as Wasim Raees Ahmed Shaikh (alias Masa), Meet Tulshiram Shinde, and Nilesh Jagdish Patel (alias Kanya), all residents of Malad West Malvani, are now in custody, four members of the mobile thief gang are still at large. Multiple cases of mobile theft have been registered against the arrested individuals in various Mumbai police stations, the police officer said.

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