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Mumbai: 15-year-old questioned for 'hoax' letters to police

The Bhoiwada police in Mumbai questioned a teenager and are searching for two men who made frivolous complaints, alleging that several men allegedly claimed to belong to a terrorist group planning to target religious places and incite riots. The police have tracked down the 15-year-old and handed him over to his parents, the police said.

According to the police, For the past several months, various police stations in Mumbai have been receiving letters identifying individuals as members of the PFI (Popular Front of India). These letters claim that the mentioned individuals have come from Jammu and Kashmir and have received training to sow discord between communities and incite riots. The letters also include mobile numbers of these individuals, alleging that they have been trained to target religious places.

A police official stated, "Many of the police stations investigated the contents of the letters and found that the names and contacts of the individuals have no links to PFI or any organizations."

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