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Mexico's Macabre show: Texts show how a drug gang, with police help, killed 43 students

A stunning new revelation shows how the state machinery played a crucial role in the murder of 43 students in Mexico. About 23,000 messages were obtained by the New York Times that point to how the state was an accomplice in the crime committed by an infamous drug cartel in the Mexican city, of Iguala.

Omar Gomez Trejo, a prosecutor who went against the military to find evidence of their involvement in the case, said the evidence is "very robust, strong and unquestionable." He got access to the wiretaps last year and realised how they acutely solved the case.

One cartel member asked a local mayor who worked for him, "Do you want me to get your w**** of a city councilor in line, or should we put him down?"

“What, you don’t think blondie has the soldiers in the bag?” one cartel member wrote, referring to a fellow gang member, say investigators.

The officers who snatched the students that night in 2014, had been taking direct orders from the cartel. One of them supplied them with guns, while others hunted down their rivals as they commanded.

Additionally, the military who closely monitored the abduction and killing never came to the student's rescue and rather received bribes from the abductors.

It has been known that police officials and government officials either helped the cartel in the abduction or did not try to stop them from committing the crime.

However, with the discovery of the wiretaps, the curtains over the motive of collusion between the two have been removed.

An observance of the thousands of text messages from the cartel known as Guerreros Unidos, reveals that the public officials had become their loyal paid employees.

One of the responders who rushed to the the scene of abduction had a second job- gathering intelligence for the cartel. A coroner was also their partner in crime, as he sent photos of corpses and evidence at the crime scene along with helping the traffickers bury the incinerated bodies in a crematory owned by his family.

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