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Maratha Reservation Bill passed: Why activist Manoj Jarange Patil refuses to end hunger strike

Even after the Maharashtra government passed the Maratha Reservation Bill in the Legislative Assembly on Tuesday, February 20, Manoj Jarange Patil, the activist who led the movement, is not ready to end his hunger strike. Patil welcomed the move but contended that the proposed reservation was not as per the community's demand.

Patil has said the Maratha community “deserves" reservation under the Other Backward Class (OBC) category.  "We need reservation which we deserve. Give reservation under OBC to those who have proof of being Kunbi, and those who don't have proof of Kunbi, for them pass a law of Sage Soyare.

Patil's demands for the reservation are:

  • One's blood relations should also be allowed to have Kunbi registration. 

  •  All people of the Maratha community should be considered Kunbi and be given reservations under the OBC quota.

  • Implementation of Sage Soyare. The Marathi term “sage soyare" means through birth relations and through relations by marriage. This basically means a significant part of the Maratha community now stands to gain quota benefits as Kunbis.

The Maharashtra government has decided that only people having Nizam-era Kunbi documents will get benefits under the Reservation Bill passed on February 20.

The Maratha activist has appealed to “maximum people" to reach Antarvali for the meeting. "I am firm on my demand to implement Sage Soyare. I welcome the reservation but it is not as per our demand." 

Reiterating his demand, Patil said that reservation offered by the state government will “benefit only 100-150 Maratha people". “Our people will remain deprived of reservation."

Patil will announce the next round of agitation tomorrow. "We will take what we deserve," he said.

The protesting activist has removed the intravenous drip from his hand and has refused to take treatment.

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