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Maharashtra: Jalna Lathicharge Sparks Statewide Maratha Protests And Political Resignations

The lathicharge on Maratha agitators in Antarwali Sarati village of Ambad taluka in Jalna district on Friday evening triggered widespread protests throughout Maharashtra on Saturday. Most of these protests remained peaceful, with isolated incidents of vehicle burnings primarily reported in Aurangabad district.

In addition to the widespread protests across the state, there were political repercussions as well. Several BJP office bearers from the Maratha community resigned on Saturday, and this trend may gain momentum, according to Maratha community activists.

The Maratha community has scheduled a meeting in Sangli on September 5 to discuss the situation and plan their future course of action. A statewide meeting is also being organized in Kolhapur around September 10, as announced by Dilip Desai, the coordinator of Maratha Morcha. During the protests, some agitators warned that the government should be prepared for retaliation.

Purshottam Khedekar of Maratha Seva Sangh strongly condemned the lathicharge and alleged that it could not have occurred without orders from the home minister. He demanded the government's resignation and accused it of attempting to create a division within the Maratha community.

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