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Maharashtra crime: Man attempts shootout at bakery in Mira Road, gun malfunctions

According to the official sources, the incident took place at a bakery near the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Statue, close to Kashmira Police Station in Mira Road area of Maharashtra.

They said that at around 10:30 am, an unidentified individual entered the bakery located in Mira Road and pulled out a gun to allegedly shoot but was unsuccessful in the attempt as his gun malfunctioned at the last moment.

The incident was also captured in the CCTV cameras installed at the bakery. The footage shows that the man reaches the bakery and removes a gun from a bag and attempts to fire it towards an employee of the bakery. However, the gun, suspected to be a pistol failed to discharge at first attempt. He took also took a second chance but the gun once again malfunctioned and did not discharge. Later, the suspect swiftly fled the crime scene.

"The entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras installed both inside and outside the bakery," an official said.

Sources further added, upon receiving information about the incident, officials from the Kashimira police station promptly reached the location and began to investigate the matter. They are conducting a thorough investigation, utilizing the available CCTV footage and gathering statements from bakery employees to ascertain the details of the incident and identify the suspect.

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