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Lucknow's KGMU introduces new technology for advanced cardiac care

The Orbital Atherectomy technology that is a cost effective and efficient way of removing calcium deposits in coronary arteries and can even prevent open-heart surgeries is now available at KGMU.

The technology was launched in India in mid-February after nod from Drug Controller General of India.

"Orbital Atherectomy machine is especially beneficial for patients with heavy calcium buildup in their arteries, as they are more susceptible to heart attacks. Calcium buildup can cause heart blockages and heart attacks as it blocks regular blood flow to the heart," said prof Rishi Sethi of KGMU cardiology department.

He said out of 300 angioplasty cases conducted at KGMU, around 10-15% of coronary artery blockage cases exhibit heavy build-up.

Earlier, rotational atherectomy was performed that involved a grinder with diamond cutters at its tip moving forward into the artery.

However, in cases where there is a single calcified block in an artery that cannot be removed the traditional way, patients had to undergo open-heart surgeries. With the use of new tech such patients will now be free from blockage without open-heart surgery, he said. Sethi said the grinder in the machine has diamond cutters and can move both forward and backward. Prof Pravesh Verma, another faculty member, said the system is safe and affordable.


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