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Love-All Review: Kay Kay Menon Delivers A Consciously Low-Voltage Performance

The blossoming career of a talented young badminton player is cut short by a conspiracy. Angry and bitter, he turns his back on the game he loves. Love-All, a sports drama written and directed by Sudhanshu Sharma, begins with the death of one dream and then, expectedly, trains the spotlight on the birth of another.

The two dreams are separated by two decades. The man who vows never to play again is transferred to the railway colony in Bhopal where he learnt the ropes of the game. With him are his wife, a school-going son (the focal point of an incipient pursuit that forms the crux of the film) and a suitcase containing a badminton racquet that has seen better days.

It might at first flush seem to be a minor variation on a triumph-of-the-underdog drama, but Love-All does not deviate from a time-worn narrative template. Unbeknownst to his father, a boy strays into badminton because playing a sport is compulsory in his new school.

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