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Jeon Somi shares how a shared proficiency in English with BTS's RM helped them become friends

Korean-Canadian singer-songwriter Jeon Somi is back in the spotlight with her recent EP, 'Game Plan.' The artist released this album after a two-year hiatus. In line with its promotion, Somi engaged with her fans through both virtual and in-person fan sign events. Additionally, she threw a spectacular album launch party that was graced by many of the industry's big names.

The close friendship between Somi and RM has become a topic of conversation and curiosity amongst fans of both artists. Addressing this in response to a fan's question on the same, Somi recounted their first encounter at BIGBANG G-Dragon's exclusive PEACEMINUSONE X NIKE dinner in April. With shared sustained tenure in the entertainment scene, Somi said that both of them had been promoting their music in the industry for a long time - and thus had several mutual connections and friends owing to this. That both RM and Somi spoke fluent English also became a bridge for their fast friendship and camaraderie.

As is popularly known amongst ARMY, Namjoon learnt to speak English with the help of the American sitcom, 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S.' The BTS leader continued to further hone his proficiency and now speaks fluent English. He has written/co-written several all-English tracks and even delivered speeches at the UN in the past few years. RM's friendship with GOT7's Jackson Wang also developed a distinct flavour because of their shared understanding of the language.

Somi's 'Game Plan', released on August 7, serves as her debut EP, with 'Fast Forward' headlining the tracklist. Fans can expect a mix of genres ranging from dance and deep house to hip-hop and R&B. The collection features songs like 'Gold Gold Gold', 'Fast Forward', 'Fxxked Up', 'Pisces', and 'The Way' – the latter being an all-English track.

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