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‘If Rahul Gandhi’s panauti remark wrong, so was Modi’s’; ‘Big question is what happens after '

As Israel and Hamas agreed to extend their truce for two more days beyond Monday, brightening the prospects of a longer humanitarian pause to their deadly war and further swaps of Hamas-held hostages with Israeli-imprisoned Palestinians, the Urdu dailies splashed the news across its front-page lead columns. The story has stayed on the front pages till the war broke out seven weeks ago.

The ongoing electoral battle in five states, which is now winding down, has also continued to dominate the headlines in the Urdu Press, with the dailies not missing the sound and fury being raised by key faces on the campaign trails.


Commenting on the row sparked by Rahul Gandhi’s “panauti” (ill omen) remark against Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Hyderabad-based Siasat, in its editorial on November 26, points out that political and ideological differences between parties and leaders are normal in a polity, which explain the formation of different political parties and their contests at the hustings on conflicting agendas. “However, there had always been a tradition in Indian democracy and politics that even such differences used to have its own decorum and dignity. It was never allowed to turn personal, and political rivals used to follow this principle even while targeting each other. Notwithstanding their divergent politics they always had respect for each other, acknowledging that everyone was dedicated to the service of the country and its people,” the editorial says.

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