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Goons Hired By Woman Vandalise Her House After Argument Over 'Payment'


Goons hired by a woman to set on fire her estranged son's motorbike have allegedly attacked and vandalised her house after an argument over the "payment" she owed them for their criminal act, police said on Monday.

The incident was reported from Melattur, in this north Kerala district, on Friday.

Police said they have arrested three accused persons -- Kaja Hussain (39), Nasser (35) and Mehaboob (58) -- who allegedly attacked and vandalised the house of 48-year-old Nafeesa.

Police said another accused, Shihab (36) is on the run.

According to the police, Nafeesa had hired the goons two months ago. Due to family issues, she had asked her son to return the bike she had purchased. When he refused, she allegedly hired the goons to set it on fire, police said.

The police then arrested the three accused along with Nafeesa in that case.

"Now, after the goons came out on bail, it seems like they had some altercation over the payment assured by the woman," police said.

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