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Ghaziabad cops sexually harass woman sitting in park with fiance, extort money

A 22-year-old woman was allegedly sexually harassed by two cops and another man in plain clothes for hours when she went to visit the Sai Upvan city forest in Ghaziabad with her fiance on September 16. The three men had come riding a police response vehicle (PRV) of the Ghaziabad Police and demanded Rs 10,000 from the couple.

An FIR was registered on September 28 at the Kotwali Nagar police station based on the woman's complaint. The woman told the police that the cops slapped her fiance and touched her inappropriately on her private parts. She added that after the incident, the accused cops continued to call and even came to her house late at night.

The incident surfaced after the woman dialled the police emergency number for help and the Delhi Police forwarded her call to the Ghazaibad Police.

The three accused were identified as constable Rakesh Kumar, home guard Digambar and another unidentified man. The woman said the three of them held her and her fiance captive and harassed them for about three hours. The couple also paid them Rs 1,000 while they were harassed.

"It was around 12 noon when three men arrived on a PRV and started threatening us. They slapped my fiance and one of them demanded Rs 10,000 to let us go. We asked them with folded hands and even touched their feet but they did not budge. Later, Rakesh Kumar behaved badly and started forcing me to get physical with him. The third man also demanded Rs 5.5 lakh... We were held there for three hours during which the suspects repeatedly touched me inappropriately," the woman told the police.

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