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Decode politics: As dust settles, here are 5 reasons why BJP won MP, and Cong lost plot

The Congress, which quickly blamed EVM tampering as one of the reasons for its loss, was stunned by the results as the BJP almost replicated its 2013 Assembly election performance when the party had won 165 seats when, too, Shivraj Singh Chouhan was the Chief Minister.

As the Congress does its post-mortem, here are five possible reasons the BJP stole a march:

The most significant reason for the BJP’s victory was the Chouhan government’s string of welfare schemes, targeting the poorest. The party calls the Ladli Behna Yojana, for one, as a “game changer”. Post the victory, Chouhan was blessed with some such women beneficiaries and said, “Ladli behnon ne saare kaante nikal diye (The ladli behnas have removed all obstacles).”

Launched in March this year, the scheme initially offered a monthly stipend of Rs 1,000 to women aged between 23 and 60 in households with an annual income of less than Rs 2.5 lakh. As the polls drew closer, the minimum age was reduced to 21 while the stipend was raised to Rs 1,250 per month. More than 1.2 crore women in the state have got the benefit of the scheme, for which an amount of Rs 13,000 crore has been allocated.

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