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Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

Drugs & Alcohol Counselling, Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychiatric Consultation, Music Therapy, N L P Therapy, SMART Therapy, ART Therapy, L T L Therapy & REBT Therapy, A A T Therapy.

Our area of expertise is in​ Alcohol & Substance Abuse Rehabilitation process to Induct the individuals to get rid of alcohol & Substance Abuse and live in the main stream society a Alcohol and Drug free life with the help of our program.

Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center

In today's fast paced lifestyle, addiction has become a growing social malady. Individuals from all walks and classes of life are increasingly being trapped in this quagmire. Our organisation was founded in October 2010. since then, we have successfully treated several individuals afflicted by drug de-addiction and alcohol de-addiction. keeping this in mind and the growing number of addiction cases, we have striven to study and analyze the best approaches used in drug rehabilitation centers and alcohol rehabilitation centers across the world, thus continuously used our leanings to develop our own unique methodology. Courtesy 98339 98907 A sister concern of

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