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Curiosity fuels craft

Some directors leave a lasting impression on their actors. For Janhvi Kapoor, Sudhanshu Saria may well be that director. On wrapping up the shoot of Ulajh in September, the actor had dedicated a post to him, thanking him for making her believe in herself. Mention this to Saria, and he says that he too has walked away from the thriller deeply impressed by his leading lady.

The director, whose short film Knock Knock Knock won the National Award in 2021, admits he had initially thought of her as a mainstream star, but knew better as soon as he met her. “I knew that Janhvi was beautiful. Her features remind you of one of the most iconic faces of Indian cinema [her mother Sridevi],” he smiles, before adding, “What I didn’t expect is the person behind the face. She is aware of the opportunities she has; she has the hunger to take those opportunities and swing the ball out of the park. With her, the more questions you answer, the better her performance will be. Her work ethic and ferocity surprised me.”

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