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"Crime Rising Due To Drugs": Actor Sonu Sood Backs Punjab Police Campaign

Actor Sonu Sood has taken a strong stand against drugs abuse in Punjab. In a video released by the Director General of Punjab Police on X (formerly known as Twitter), the actor urges everyone to help in eradicating drugs abuse from the state.

"Punjab has always been known for its spirited youth. But for quite some time now, I have been observing that people say use of drugs has increased in Punjab. The new generation, our youth, seems to be greatly affected by drugs. Even when I personally visit Moga or various parts of Punjab, I see that many people, especially the youth, are trapped in drug addiction. Due to drugs, crime has increased as they need money to buy it," Mr Sood says in the video.

He recalls he once ran a campaign to rescue around 280 children who were under the influence of drugs. He says he had also tried to support them in returning to a drug-free life.

"But back then, we [Sonu Sood and his team] couldn't reach a lot of people who needed help. To help them, the Punjab government, our honourable Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann bhaji (brother), and our DGP Yadav ji have taken an excellent initiative. Their efforts to make Punjab drug-free have been remarkable. I urge everyone to support this cause. Let's unite and make Punjab a drug-free state. This can only happen when we all come together and support this campaign," he continues.

"Let's work together to make Punjab drug-free, and let the land of Punjab be known once again for its youth. I salute the efforts of the Punjab government and the entire police force for their dedication. Keep this initiative going, and together, we will bring Punjab back to the top," he adds.

The text attached to the clip read, "Thank you, Sonu Sood, for the motivational message. Punjab Police is working tirelessly to break the backbone of drugs. Very soon our collective efforts will help eradicate drugs from Punjab under the vision of chief minister Bhagwant Mann."

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