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CRIME HUNTER: Bisexual cocaine queen loved sex, blow and blood

Griselda Blanco’s reign of terror had long since ended in a whimper but like rock and roll, the underworld never forgets.

The reward was an express ticket to the morgue. A long overdue journey for one of the most violent and enigmatic criminals the world had ever seen.

Now, a new mini-series premiering in January on Netflix and starring Sofia Vergara pulls back the cover on the sex-crazed killer.


Born in the poverty-stricken barrios of Cartagena, Colombia in 1943, Blanco’s mother was a violent alcoholic prostitute and soon, her daughter followed her into the flesh trade — and other criminal enterprises.

Her first murder came at just 11 when she and her street pals kidnapped a boy of 10 from a rich neighborhood. His family didn’t take the urchins’ ransom demands seriously.

According to lore, she left home at 13 and shacked up with her pimp, Carlos Trujillo, who was also an expert forger creating bogus travel papers for illegal immigrants. He later learned the black widow’s bite can be deadly.

Blanco had three children with Trujillo before she was 21. Baby daddy was iced in a business dispute with her.

Three other husbands would share a similar fate.

In the 1970s and ’80s, American yuppies got hooked on cocaine. For kicks and status, they were hoovering mountains of the narcotic, starlets and stockbrokers alike.

By the decade’s sunset, Blanco had become the world’s first female criminal billionaire.

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