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Caught on camera: 79-year-old woman slapped, smothered by caregiver, dies

A 79-year-old woman died after being slapped and tortured by her caregiver in Kolkata. CCTV footage of the flat, where the woman used to stay, revealed the torture of the caregiver.

According to the police, the victim, Kala Mishra, used to stay in a flat in Kolkata's Baguihati area and was bed-ridden for the last seven years due to paralysis. She had employed two caregivers to look after her.

On September 11, one of her caregivers found Kala dead in her bedroom, after which she informed her relatives. Assuming natural death, they cremated the body of the woman.

However, the relatives later learnt that the woman was brutally tortured by her caregiver, Safia Khatun, after examining the CCTV cameras installed in the flat.

In the CCTV footage, Safia could be seen slapping and torturing the woman for almost the entire night on September 10.

Police arrested Safia after a relative of the woman filed a complaint against her.

During interrogation, Safia confessed that she used to torture the woman as she was disturbed by her during sleep, a senior police official said.

Another CCTV footage also confirmed that Safia tried to suffocate the woman by covering her face with a bed sheet or blanket. After the incident, Safia left the flat in the morning without informing anything to anyone.

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